"Digital Edge configured both AWS environments and servers to be protected from all known malicious software and attack vectors, using best of breed tools and methods to ensure environment and data integrity."

“The client is in the financial sector, operating a complex financial risk system. They required a complex configuration for their production environment in AWS to comply with its OSPAR requirements.


Digital Edge designed, deployed, and fully supported production for exclusive use within the AWS Singapore region. The environment is hosted within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), that is easily migrated between high availability zones for service robustness and contingency purposes. End users are connecting to the VPC and use RDS to connect to production hosts. The environment has an AWS Elastic IP assigned to ensure secure communication with 3rd party financial data providers. The production VPC are online and available 24x7.


Additionally, Digital Edge architected and deployed a second VPC. It is identically configured and covers both the Development and UAT environments. This second VPC will be able to restore the production database from the most suitable backup. It is not accessible to the end-users, only to the Dev and ProdSupport teams. The second VPC has been used for problem resolution and the testing of new software releases and solutions.


Both VPC’s are extensively monitored using a combination of AWS CloudWatch and Digital Edge proprietary tools. It includes proactive monitoring via the Digital Edge Enterprise Management System and log file collection and analysis using Digital Edge’s unparalleled Log Management service.



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Naum Lavnevich
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Naum A Lavnevich joined the Digital Edge team in 2017 as the VP of Engineering. The priorities for his position include strategic planning, solution design, quality assurance, and problem resolution. Naum has a strong track record for directing large-scale projects and global initiatives as well as for providing expert-level system/network support.

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