Digital Edge together with ISACA-Kyiv chapter Hosts First-Ever American-Ukrainian Privacy and Compliance Cyber-Summit in Kyiv, Ukraine

The First American-Ukrainian Privacy and Compliance Cyber-Summit took place at Admiral Hall in Kyiv, Ukraine, last Thursday, on February 25th, 2021.

The speakers presented both in-person in Kyiv and online from New York, NY, in a mixed format. 


Together with the ISACA Kyiv Chapter and the Institute of Information Security, Digital Edge brought together cybersecurity experts to conduct a unique event in Ukraine to provide participants with a deep understanding of such subjects as:

  • Cybersecurity standards, their implementation, and operation;
  • Implementation of controls;
  • Key performance indicators;
  • Daily activities of IT organizations;
  • Internal and external audits;
  • Information security management system and its effectiveness;
  • Risks.


"The question of data privacy is very complex. A few years ago, the European Union signed a major and comprehensive legislative regulation on data security issues. All European companies must adhere to certain standards. U.S. law is also complex in this area: The United States requires IT professionals to know the law. ” Michael Petrov, Founder, and CEO at Digital Edge


The speakers were:

  • Michael Petrov - Founder and CEO of Digital Edge;
  • James Greenberg - Member of the Board of Digital Edge;
  • Slava Rykhva - Certified Professional in Information Security Systems at Digital Edge;
  • Keith Barry - Vice President of Compliance at Digital Edge;
  • Artem Bidenko - Chairman of the Board of the Institute of Information Security;
  • Konstantin Mozgovoy - Project Manager at Digital Edge.


Digital Edge came up with the idea for the seminar after decades of working in the field and becoming a leader in privacy and compliance. 

Earlier, a related event had taken place for New York Metropolitan ISACA Chapter. 

Similar training events are planned for Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Canada this spring.

The event in Kyiv became possible with the support of the following parties: 


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