Case Studies

5/6/2021 Case Studies

Digital Edge Case Study: CTPAT audit for ECX Global Logistics

Digital Edge uses its own GRC platform that sets up all provisions, components and processes to manage Governance, Risk and Controls of client’s Information Technology.

6/28/2019 Case Studies

AWS Implementation

Digital Edge configured both AWS environments and servers to be protected from all known malicious software and attack vectors, using best of breed tools and methods to ensure environment and data integrity.

1/24/2019 Case Studies

Digital Edge Case Study: VPN Hub Architecture

One of our clients was struggling with a complicated system that required a lot of time and effort to customize each Cisco firewall configuration to meet the individual requirements of each of its own clients.

Digital Edge eliminated the problem by implementing a solution that maximized efficiency and security.

1/16/2019 Case Studies

Digital Edge Case Study: Cybersecurity Incident Response

Digital Edge team was tasked to help contain and eradicate a virus outbreak. A response team was gathered and after the initial kick-off call, the team started cleaning/investigation activities.

5/19/2016 Case Studies

Digital Edge Case Study: Exchange Infrastructure as a Service

Digital Edge builds Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions based on our close relationships with our hardware and software manufacturing partners. The IaaS based Exchange infrastructure utilizing Fortinet product stack is outlined in this document.

3/22/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: Private Cloud Integration with Legacy IBM and Sun Equipment

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: March Of Dimes

March of Dimes online fundraising is responsible for large amount of money. Their E-business functionality is running in a private VMware based cloud operated by Digital Edge. The environment is stress-tested for 22,000 concurrent users and configured for high availability with provision of business continuity.

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: Bank 1

A New York chartered trust and banking company. Digital Edge provides production support for day to day IT operation including monitoring and remediation for batch processing, reporting, client facing portals, clients SLAs as well as change management, technology roll outs and SME consultations.

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: Bank 2

An American Diversified Financial Services Holding Company (one of the 10 largest banks in United States). Digital Edge supports Infrastructure and Processing of Alternative Investment Administration and other Fund Technologies. The infrastructure implements high availability, high performance and DR solutions.

3/16/2016 Case Studies

Case Study: Macy's

For many years, Digital Edge has been supporting the Automation of Business Processes and Technologies for Macy’s Advertisement. Our Automation Solutions allow Macy’s Advertisement to increase efficiency in advertisement workflow and provide better visibility into advertisement efficiency.

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