4/10/2024 Presentations

Digital Edge Security Services

3/19/2024 Presentations

Digital Edge Security Frameworks

2/14/2024 Presentations

Digital Edge SOC Overview

2/1/2024 Presentations

Digital Edge: AWS Presentation

Modern Solutions for Infrastructures in AWS: Zero Trust, Code Based Cybersecurity, and Certification in The Cloud

1/3/2024 Presentations

Cybersecurity Standards versus Hackers and Government

Michael Petrov is presenting a three-day virtual seminar/workshop: “Cybersecurity Standards Versus Hackers and Government” through ISACA New York Metropolitan Chapter.

This three day course covers the basics of cybersecurity standards and frameworks. Designed for I.T. and Cybersecurity Professionals, topics include: standards, methodology, review, and audit techniques, implementations and operations of cybersecurity standards.