Case Study - Fund Count, a Boston based Fintech gains edge with modernization of their IT Infrastructure



Client Challenge:

Fund Count, an award winning accounting and investment analysis software company serving the wealth management sector had an IT requirement back in 2018.  Fund Count needed IT support for their client’s who required 24/7 global support.  Digital Edge moved quickly to provide a Help Desk solution that acted as an extension for their own in-house IT global support.  Fast forward to 2020, with ongoing business expansion and clients located in 20 plus countries, Fund Count requested from Digital Edge an on-premise colocation solution that could protect their IT assets and enhance overall security. Digital Edge worked with Fund Count to identify the data center and complete the installation while making recommendations for modernization and flexibility in work load architecture, connectivity and security. 

2022 Challenge: 

In 2022, Fund Count was seeking greater flexibility to their on-premise colocation solution and wanted an alternative deployment option for their customers that could reduce lengthy deployment times.  Digital Edge proposed a hybrid solution that would work alongside Fund Count’s on-premise, client private hosted cloud application,  proposing an AWS - Software-as-a Service (SaaS) option.


Digital Edge delivered a dedicated SaaS Software as a service platform for Fund Count in the region of Canada to meet geographical and data location requirements. They guided Fund Count through the migration process which included incorporating an AWS Control Tower standardization feature allowing a more straightforward way to set up and govern an AWS multi-account environment. The control tower also allows the client to apply preventative and detective controls (guardrails) that will give them an orchestration layer that facilitates account deployment and governance.  

“ We needed a partner who we could rely on to meet the needs of our client base which are made up of global financials requiring 24/7 support. Additionally, we needed a firm that had a deep understanding of compliance, policies and procedures in multiple countries and Digital Edge was a perfect fit for all of that.”   

  • Alex Ivanov, Co-Founder and CEO Fund Count

Customer Benefit

The new solution provides Fund Count not only with an alternative product solution for their customers but an ability to add multiple accounts more easily and reduce deployment times by as much as 60%. With the AWS control tower, they can now more easily adhere to corporate standards, meet regulatory requirements, and follow best practices no matter where their customers are located. In short, AWS Control Tower offers an automated method to set up and govern a secure, compliant multi-account AWS environment.

Internal benefits to Fund Count

  • Manage multi-account strategy 

  • Reduce deployment times by 60%

  • Amplified customer centricity by improving scalability and automation for their clients

  • Optimized costs and increased efficiencies

  • Enhanced visibility with a dashboard that offers continuous oversight of your team of central cloud administrators

Business Impact:

As a result of the ongoing relationship between Fund Count, Digital Edge and Amazon Web Services (AWS), the partnership has helped convert their organization into a more customer centric, digitally savvy business. The client’s new SaaS option means that their customers have a viable alternative that can reduce deployment times, while enjoying improved operational time and cost savings from the following:

Benefits to pay forward to Fund Count customers:

  • Test drives – There is no need to waste money implementing a new system before making sure it benefits you;

  • Security – AWS compliant

  • Resilience – Removes the need for knowledge, available IT resources to run the infrastructure on which FundCount sits

  • Accessibility – The cloud version is accessible from anywhere, and removes the need for an expensive IT team

  • Savings – No need for upgrade costs for either hardware and software

  • Scalability – Clients need only pay for the amount of storage they require.

Digital Edge continues to provide ongoing engineering, production and governance support that allows Fund Count  to offer “next generation”  Investment software  to firms throughout the  World. Fund Count has offices in: Boston, Toronto, Dubai, Singapore and Barbados


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