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2/27/2014 Newsletters

Digital Edge Revamps the Crepini Website!

Digital Edge Revamps the Crepini Website!Digital Edge and CREPiNi® are proud to announce the launch of the new CREPiNi® website! Following Digital Edge's transitional guidelines, the new www.crepini.com website recently went live with an outstanding new design, secured hosting and seamless e-commerce operations.

CREPiNi® is a rapidly growing nationwide specialty food producer with an innovative and delicious crepes product line of crepe products and its own automated production facility. Their expanding business required a functional operating e-commerce website for both consumers and business partners.

With nearly 18 years of backend technology experience, Digital Edge has provided its clients with maximum IT support and production opportunities. Dedicated to increasing operational efficiency, Digital Edge demonstrates technical refinement by facilitating each e-commerce client’s website operations. We are proud to apply our expertise of current e-commerce development to the creation of the new CREPiNi® website.

  • CREPiNi® end users now have the opportunity to:
  • Securely place online orders
  • View previous and current orders
  • Create business accounts
  • Obtain immediate customer service

These new online functionalities are all made available by Digital Edge. We will continue to provide ongoing technical support for future CREPiNi® e-commerce operations. With this new site, Digital Edge may just reconfirm the CREPiNi® slogan "Your taste buds will thank you."

Find out more about how Digital Edge can optimize your company’s e-commerce site at www.digitalege.net.

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