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5/28/2024 Case Studies

Case Study: Proactive Monitoring System for Payment Pages with AWS Lambda

About: XYZ, a non-profit organization focused on enhancing maternal and infant health, faces the challenge of safeguarding payment pages to comply with PCI DSS regulations while handling sensitive donor data.

Challenge: PCI DSS compliance requires XYZ to actively monitor the integrity of payment pages to prevent malicious attacks and unauthorized changes. This necessitates a robust solution capable of detecting and responding to potential security threats promptly.

Solution: To address this challenge, Digital Edge (DE) implemented a proactive monitoring system utilizing AWS Lambda, DynamoDB, and SNS. This custom file integrity monitoring (FIM) solution conducts regular scans, compares file hashes against baseline values, and triggers alerts in case of discrepancies.

Business Benefit: DE's solution empowers XYZ to maintain compliance with PCI DSS regulations while enhancing the security posture of its donation processing environment. By actively monitoring payment pages and promptly addressing security threats, XYZ can minimize the risk of data breaches and maintain donor trust.

Value-Added Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Security: Proactive monitoring helps XYZ detect and respond to unauthorized changes, reducing the likelihood of data breaches and financial losses.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: The solution ensures adherence to PCI DSS requirements, demonstrating XYZ's commitment to industry standards and best practices in data security.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Leveraging AWS serverless technologies streamlines security monitoring efforts, allowing XYZ to focus on its mission-critical activities without compromising on security standards.
  4. Timely Incident Response: Integration with Amazon SNS enables swift notification of security issues, facilitating immediate investigation and remediation to minimize disruptions to donation processing operations.