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2/11/2017 White Papers

The Benefits of Pen Testing

A huge threat to today’s businesses is hackers. They can manipulate their way into any businesses system and take advantage of any data that is important to the company. This can generally leave long lasting, harmful effects on the business which might even lead to eventual failure of the organization. 

Don’t let this happen to you! Digital Edge offers a Penetration test in which our trained and specialized team gets authorized access to “attack” your system. This is done in the form of a real attack using strategies hackers usually use. Digital Edge uses standard licensed security assessments and penetration tools, as well as their own proprietary techniques, black hat reconnaissance and exploitation methods. The purpose of this test is to expose any and all vulnerabilities in your system that can potentially hurt your business, so they can be fixed. Pen tests provide the precautionary measures needed to be taken to ensure there be no breach in your system. They ensure the safety of your data by allowing you to be ready to prevent future attacks.  

Due to rapid technological advances, Pen tests should be done regularly to catch any vulnerabilities that pop up before it’s too late. Read more about how Digital Edge’s Penetration test can be beneficial to your company!