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3/22/2016 White Papers

When Does Colocation Become Competitive With The Public Cloud?

Digital Edge received this White Paper from Plexxi, written by Plexxi in a partnership with Colovore,  King Star Computer, and Piston. We feel that this white paper has great importance to the IT community as there is a current misconception of the cost savings of the cloud is “as high as ever”. 

Digital Edge has reached out to Plexxi to permit us to re-publish this White Paper, however have not yet received any feedback. If we are requested to do so, we will remove it from our White Paper section. 

This white paper is completely aligned with Digital Edge’s view on TCO and ROI. Additionally, this paper explains latest news from Apple, that the company is planning to build their own datacenters, thus leaving AWS with a few billion dollar gap in AWS’s yearly gross sales.

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