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11/3/2017 Newsletters

Digital Edge’s Contribution to the Verizon Security Breach Report 2017

Have you ever been or almost been hacked? The answer is most likely yes. Everyone knows of those sketchy emails that try to get you to do something but in reality just cause viruses on your computer. Exploiting someone’s computer has become such a big 21st century issue and it continues to grow.

Digital Edge served as a contributor to Verizon’s Security Breach Reports this year. Hacking is becoming an ever-growing issue so Verizon comes up with statistics of breaches that occurred throughout the year to keep people informed. Digital Edge aided Verizon in providing our own reports of client’s attacks. We analyzed the type of attack, the success rate and ultimately the amount of attacks our clients experienced. (Note: Client Confidentiality Was Not Compromised). There were interesting trends found when analyzing the reports, such as the main targets and the way industries are being exploited. To see these trends, read the full article!