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4/26/2016 Newsletters

Security Updates For April

For the past few months, the security community did not surprise its audience with anything interesting, but this week there have been a few updates worth to share:

  1. The administrative web services interface in Juniper ScreenOS before 6.3.0r21 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (reboot) via a crafted SSL packet. There are more denial types of vulnerabilities found in Juniper software. 
  2. Multiple gnu_glibc libraries vulnerabilities potentially exposing threat to cause denial of service were discovered. 
  3. The most interesting is Xen overflow vulnerability. This vulnerability allows guest to corrupt physical host. Those type of vulnerabilities are troubling security professionals, showing that information technology should not blindly trust virtualization encapsulation.  

All Digital Edge managed or co-managed clients will be patched according to individual schedules. 
If you feel that you need assistance from the Digital Edge Security team please contact Danielle Saladis at dsaladis@DIGITALEDGE.NET
Please click here for more information. 

Digital Edge is committed to providing the highest levels of security within all the IT infrastructure environments under its care. In order to achieve this utmost goal for all of our clients, we continuously maintain vigilance both on the productive side of IT as well as on its destructive side. We thus send out news and security bulletins such as this one from time to time to ensure that our clients are informed and educated on any important developments in IT security and are fully aware of what we are doing to ensure that we and our clients are always at the Cutting and at the Digital Edge of technology.

3/13/2015 Newsletters

Microsoft March 2015 Security Update

Microsoft has released updates to address Windows vulnerabilities as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2015. These vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, spoofing, security feature bypass, denial of service, elevation of privilege, or disclosure of information.

Digital Edge encourages users and administrators to review Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary MS15-MAR and apply the necessary updates.

Digital Edge is committed to secure all controlled IT infrastructure environments and to advise the IT community about possible vulnerabilities, newly discovered weaknesses, hacks as well as security news and events.

No action is necessary for fully managed Digital Edge clients because your systems will be patched on regularly scheduled and approved basis