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11/12/2017 Newsletters

Imperative Concern: Your Wi-Fi Connection is Vulnerable

Wi-Fi vulnerability has been of recent speculation; indicating that a hacker can exploit Wi-Fi networks. Digital Edge wants to raise awareness by sharing an article written by our friend Henry Jiang (CISO, CISSP) that covers this topic extensively. In addition, you will find the results of our conversation with a security expert who witnessed a “Proof of a Concept” of the Wi-Fi exploitation using modern white hacking approach - THE RESULT IS SHOCKING. 

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5/9/2017 Newsletters

May 2017 – Vulnerabilities in Consumer Devices

More and more, security organizations report cyber security vulnerabilities in devices that are not exactly computers. Those devices may include routers, video cameras, and other “internet of things” gadgets. 

It is critically important to know that your home devices with access to the internet are secured. Some of these weaknesses could be related to well-known default user ID and password combinations or whereas, some devices do not even have patching capabilities making people permanently vulnerable. 

Digital Edge is monitoring known vulnerabilities in consumer devices and notifying our friends and colleagues about such cases. 

Click here to see recent vulnerable devices.

1/26/2016 Newsletters

January 25 – PHP – Multiple Vulnerabilities – Some Critical

1. This week, the Security Community announced multiple code weaknesses and related vulnerability in PHP. Some of them can cause denial of service, but more problematic is that it would allow remote code execution that might result in full server take over. 

2. New Fortinet vulnerabilities were discovered that are very similar to the Juniper vulnerability announced a month ago. Fortinet is large Digital Edge partner. We verified with the hardware manufacturer that the firmware used in our devices are not affected by the vulnerability. 

3. 2 SAP HANA vulnerabilities were discovered, both can cause denial of service through disk overload. 

All Digital Edge managed or co-managed clients will be patched according to individual schedules. 

Additionally, click here to ensure that you are safe and free of Dridex. 

If you feel that you need assistance from the Digital Edge Security team please contact Danielle Saladis at dsaladis@DIGITALEDGE.NET

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Digital Edge is committed to providing the highest levels of security within all the IT infrastructure environments under its care. In order to achieve this utmost goal for all of our clients, we continuously maintain vigilance both on the productive side of IT as well as on its destructive side. We thus send out news and security bulletins such as this one from time to time to ensure that our clients are informed and educated on any important developments in IT security and are fully aware of what we are doing to ensure that we and our clients are always at the Cutting and at the Digital Edge of technology.

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