White Papers

5/13/2013 White Papers

Global Continuity Solution

An in-depth look into our Disaster Recovery services and automation provisions. 

5/13/2013 White Papers


An introduction to the custom-built Digital Edge EMS portal and all of its unique benefits. 

5/13/2013 White Papers

A High-Level Overview of Who We Are and What We Can Do for Our Clients

A high-level overview of who we are and what we can do for our clients. 

5/13/2013 White Papers

DBA Advisory

An overview of the advantages of our Database Advisory services. 

2/28/2012 White Papers

Private Cloud Virtualization


8/30/2010 White Papers

Advanced Service Sheet

A high-level look at the expertise offered to our clients 

8/15/2010 White Papers

Moving Hyper-V Clustered VM instances to a new SAN

Copy between to Cluster Shared Storage disks is very slow. 

2/11/2010 White Papers

Data Center Virtualization

A look into Digital Edge’s perception and reasoning’s 

2/10/2010 White Papers

Why Virtualization

An in-depth look into the different options virtualization can offer 

12/30/2009 White Papers

DataCenter Services

This is an overview of the data center services Digital Edge offers