Digital Edge Successfully Passed ISO 27001 Audit

This past weekend (March 3-4th) Digital Edge passed another ISO 27001:2013 Information Technology Security Management System Requirements surveillance audit!  Our ISO Certification is up to date with no interruptions or non-conformities! We would like to thank our staff and support for dedicating their time in getting certified. Digital Edge is an expert in ISO standards, we offer assistance in ISO Certification for companies that need to stay in compliance. 

The Digital Edge Security and Compliance Team can assist your business to implement policies, standards and practices based on International Standards Organization framework! Contact us today to further explore how our team can provide your business with an unparalleled cybersecurity solution, with our continued focus on Stability, Security, Efficiency and Compliance.

Stacey Petrov
Marketing and PR specialist

Stacey is a student of Media Marketing Management and assists Digital Edge marketing team with PR and content development. Stacey posesses great writing skills as well as knowlegde of technology and Digital Edge operation.

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