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4/10/2015 Newsletters

Free Advice For Priceless Security

Potential Threat: One of the techniques that hackers use to infiltrate operating systems is known as polymeric downloaders. These are viruses that could download other, more complex viruses, password stealers or remote controlled software. These downloaders typically access systems via emails or zip files. They can also get to your computer in tandem with other programs, mostly together with free game downloads or with illegal software. These downloaders can also traverse when connecting infected USB disks to your computer. Virus authors aim to trick you into executing these downloaders. These tricks could be sophisticated, which sometimes could confuse even sophisticated computer users into executing the underlying viruses and infecting their systems. A more complex infecting technique is called polymorphic downloaders or polymorphic viruses, which allows viruses to traverse undetected.

Digital Edge is committed to the highest of security standards and making sure that its constituents are likewise serious about security which is all about knowledge and behavior. Click here to read about some free techniques for detecting and fighting polymorphic downloaders.

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3/23/2014 White Papers

Enterprise Storage Advisory

Digital Edge develops own methodology for analysis and reporting to clients a state of their enterprise storage infrastructure. The methodology was developed by Digital Edge Enterprise Storage group after analysing storage devices from multiple manufactures.

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