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1/26/2015 Newsletters

Inclement Weather Advisory

Dear Valued Client,

This message is to assure you of our continued 24/7 support during the inclement weather conditions affecting the New York City Metro Area between Monday, 1/26 and Wednesday 1/28.

Our technicians are onsite and available to give you reliability that is expected from us!

Any client using our Geographical Cluster may request to switch their operation to our datacenter in Dallas for additional security. Please contact our support team to do so.

We thank you for your business.

-Digital Edge

10/20/2014 Newsletters

Digital Edge Security Advisory

Last month, security community discovered critical security threats that affect multiple platforms, technologies and configurations.

Digital Edge is proactively working with its clients on assessing the effect, planning for remediation, scheduling and execution of patching.

Critical vulnerabilities are:

  1. SSLv3 encryption protocol weakness allowing man-in-the-middle to decrypt secured communication.
  2. 3 critical Microsoft vulnerabilities allowing a hacker to execute malicious code remotely and gain access to data, client computers or client’s servers.
  3. Bash vulnerability allowing a hacker to execute malicious code remotely and gain access to client’s servers.

All affected Digital Edge’s clients will be contacted and required actions will be discussed, scheduled and performed. If you feel that you need an additional help please contact us at:

5/13/2013 White Papers

DBA Advisory

An overview of the advantages of our Database Advisory services.