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3/6/2014 Newsletters

Fasten your IT seatbelts - eCommerce is growing!

Online purchasing Issues, Site performance lagging, Incomplete transactions during checkout, Site timeouts & glitches, Double charges, Site downtime!

Sound familiar? The Digital Edge End-to-End E-commerce Solution may be the answer for your growing business. We take full responsibility of problems just like these. For a limited time, you can try some of the best features from The Digital Edge End-to-End E-commerce Solution for FREE!

Whether you already have a functional e-commerce platform and just need help with monitoring OR you are a growing business that needs e-commerce functionality all together – Digital Edge can act as a dedicated team that:

  • Maintains site stability
  • Prepares for new implementations
  • Preserves PCI compliance
  • Optimizes Analytic tools
  • Stays on top of all new innovations

 … And more!

According to a Forbes study, Amazon experienced downtime of just two hours; resulting in $3.48 million of loss revenue! You know how vital your website is to your business. Get a firm grip on stability!

FREE single performance troubleshooting and optimization with one year of contract for private or hybrid cloud services. 
FREE assistance to migrate your e-commerce solution to our public or hybrid cloud. 
FREE 60 days for any VM servers with 2 year contract. 
FREE security assessment. 

2/3/2014 White Papers

End-to-End E-commerce Solution

A glimpse into our e-commerce monitoring platform. This document explains the challenges Digital Edge helps e-commerce vendors face on a day-to-day basis.